Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you with some of your questions:

1.) Question? It's winter. What do I need to do to burn brush?
            Answer: Provided you have snow cover extending 100 feet in every direction from

            your burn pile you do not need a permit. We would appreciate it if you would call

           dispatch at 539-2261 and let them know you are burning. This reduces calls to us.

           Please keep  in mind that the rules on WHAT you burn still apply. Brush under 5 inches

           in diameter and  clean untreated lumber are all that is allowed. No cardboard,

           plywood,  pressure treated wood. Nothing that has been painted or stained is burnable.

2.) My insurance company has asked for a wood stove inspection. Is that something Tamworth      Fire does?
           Answer: Yes. Just call Chief Colcord at 323-8874 to schedule an inspection.

3.) Tamworth does not have a building inspector. Are any inspections required for my new      building?
          Answer: If the building is a one or two family home, the only required inspection is on               the installation of an oil burner. All commercial and multifamily construction require                 plans review and inspection by the Fire Department for adherance with the State Fire              Code. These reviews and insepctions will NOT  involve foundation, framing, or          plumbing. They are targetted at life safety issues including exit size and location,          electrical installation, heating systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and other          items such as those.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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